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476 Wired 1.3

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Wired, V. 1 N. 3

Another issue of this trendy, hip ‘zine that I almost hate myself for liking. Ah, what the hell, sometimes you’re a leader, and sometimes you jump late onto the bandwagon. The big story this issue is interactive music videos, spearheaded by the Prince of Video, Peter Gabriel, and joined by such a motley cast of supporting characters as the Residents (now there’s a video I’d like to see!), Todd Rundgren (love his new song, “Fascist Christ”), Billy Idol (he’s baaaa-aa-aaack, and this time he’s a cyberpunk), among others.

The award for incredibly stupid story in this issue goes to the campus sewer “hackers.” We’re supposed to be impressed by people who trespass into underground university air passages? (We’re supposed to be impressed by people who trespass into university computers? I ask myself.) That sounds like something I would have done in college. Ever scarier, by linking this activity to the bright, new techoworld brings up the possibility of Rona Jaffe becoming culturally on-line and writing a cyberpunk novel. Sends chills down my spine.

[Finished 29 June 1993]


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