377 The Scarlet Ruse, John D. MacDonald

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The Scarlet Ruse, John D. MacDonald

Number fourteen in the Travis McGee series, and I continue to devour the things like they were popcorn, even though I want to slow down and examine how MacDonald can be so amazingly readable page after page. Maybe a MacDonald novel is like light in that famous physics conundrum (Michaelson-Morley?)–to define light, one must “stop” it in its tracks, and then it isn’t light anymore, i.e. the observation of it affects it.

This time McGee is trying to recover some stamps that have gotten switched for cheaper versions. Along the way McGee makes his typical observations about life and politics, adds a few more scars to his battered body, and becomes a little wiser.

[Finished 31 January 1995]



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