176 The Goodbye Look, Ross Macdonald

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The Goodbye Look, Ross Macdonald

I picked this one up because of the numerous good reviews that Macdonald has received over the years, and his obvious prolificacy. The Goodbye Look is supposed to be his best, and while it is very good, it is a style of mystery that isn’t quite to my taste. Macdonald is very much like Raymond Chandler. His hero is a rough, ready, and usually untalkative type who goes through a mystery case as gently as he downs a fifth of scotch. The mystery is also very Chandleresque–several dysfunctional families, incestuously lying and cheating their way to unhappiness. If you like Chandler, you’ll like Ross Macdonald. However, based on my impression of this book, if you want more characterization, try John D. MacDonald.

[Finished 18 July 1993]



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